Sunday, October 17, 2010

Movie Monday: Featuring "The Sandlot"

I love this movie! It is so funny! If you haven't seen it then you should go buy it and watch it. It is mainly about baseball hence the name the sandlot. Anyway, it is about this boy who moves to a new neighborhood with lots of kids that play baseball. The kid is some sort of geek that's obsessed with science and he doesn't have any friends. His mom wants him to make friends so he tries to play baseball with the other kids. But they sort of reject him in a way. So then the nice kid, Benny, invites him to play baseball. They start to call him smallz. And so when one of the kids hits the ball it goes over the fence and they can't get the ball because there is a monstrous over the fence. Smallz says they his step father had a basball. But he didn't know that the ball was signed by Babe Ruth. So when Smallz hits the ball it went over the same fence and he starts to freak out! So throughout the whole movie their goal is to get the ball back.


Stecky said...

I haven't seen this movie. Thanks for the review. I will certainly check it out. I am so glad Movie Monday is back.

Bea said...

A friend gave me a vhs recording of this movie and thanks to Rebecca being at our house I got to see it A LOT. It is a fun movie. Thanx for sharing.
Plus it was filmed in Layton, UT.

Lilian said...

I LOVE this movie Emily!!! We have watched it so many times over the years. My favorite is when the one kid that can't swim jumps into the deep end of the pool just to get the pretty lifeguard to save him!!!!

I will love this movie F O R E V E R, F O R E V E R, F O R E V E R!!!

Stecky said...

I just bought this movie and watched it because of your review. I loved it. Thanks again.