Thursday, April 28, 2011


I'm really sorry I haven't been on my blog in a long time. But I was really excited about this today, and I just want to tell everyone! So in my class we are having a baseball tournament. Like I've said before, the teams are Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Gryffindor. I'm on Hufflepuff. So anyway, the first game was between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. I can't remember the score exactly, but I think it was about 7 to 3. The only thing that matters is that WE WON! Then the second game was today. It was between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor. We won by A LOT! The final score was 13 to 3. Our team was so excited! We think that we will have a real chance at winning the championship. Yay!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Movie Monday: Featuring "The Sandlot"

I love this movie! It is so funny! If you haven't seen it then you should go buy it and watch it. It is mainly about baseball hence the name the sandlot. Anyway, it is about this boy who moves to a new neighborhood with lots of kids that play baseball. The kid is some sort of geek that's obsessed with science and he doesn't have any friends. His mom wants him to make friends so he tries to play baseball with the other kids. But they sort of reject him in a way. So then the nice kid, Benny, invites him to play baseball. They start to call him smallz. And so when one of the kids hits the ball it goes over the fence and they can't get the ball because there is a monstrous over the fence. Smallz says they his step father had a basball. But he didn't know that the ball was signed by Babe Ruth. So when Smallz hits the ball it went over the same fence and he starts to freak out! So throughout the whole movie their goal is to get the ball back.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Almost There

I think I forgot to mention some things in my last post about sixth grade. On the fist day he had us get in a line and we would all sit on a chair, he'd put a brown hat on us, and then he would pull out a piece of paper from a tin can and say if we got Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, or Ravenclaw. He didn't do Slitheren because he thought that it would mean that those people would be bad. Anyway, I'm in Hufflepuff. And you know how in Harry Potter how there are quidditch matches and points and all? Well, our quidditch matches are sports and Mr. Mills has three jars; one for each house. He puts marbles in the jars representing the points. We get marbles by getting 100% on an assignment or winning a quidditch match and stuff. We lose marbles by talking or if someone in that house got a ticket. (by the way, tickets are bad things in my school. if you do something bad enough then they give you a ticket.) Anyway, whoever has the most marbles at the end of the week gets to do everything first the next week. Hufflepuff hasn't won once. I forgot to say that every week Mr. Mills chooses a head boy or girl and they are the ones that take and give marbles. Anyway, the only reason Hufflepuff keeps losing is because people thought it would be funny if we never won. So they would take away marbles from hufflepuff for no reason what-so-ever. Everyone in my house is getting kind of angry and we don't think it's funny. We are being really good and we don't get any credit. I'm glad that the head girl this week is my friend, Maurisa. She's reasonable and she wouldn't take away marbles for no reason. She even takes marbles from her house a lot. All the other head boys and girls never took marbles from there house unless Mr. Mills told them to. Anyway, in class we are studying and memorizing the countries of Europe and where they are. I have been studying a lot! And I wanted all of my hard work to pay off. So today I was glad when Mr. Mills said that we would have a contest to see who could point to the country faster. He started with Ravenclaw and a boy in my class named Dawson won. Next he did Gryffindor. Another boy in my class named JJ won. Finally he did Hufflepuff and I won! Yeah! Then he said for the winners of each house to go up to the map. I went up against JJ first. He called, "Belgium!" I knew exactly where that was! I got nervous but I turned around and pointed to it. I won! Then it was the final two. I got really nervous because he said whoever won got marbles for their house, and Ravenclaw always wins every single week! He called out, "Slovakia!" I knew where this was because it was the one that I struggled with most so I studied hard on it. I turned around and my mind went blank. I completely forgot where it was! I was so nervous! But I found it and pointed to ,and Hufflepuff got the marbles! We are so close to winning. I hope we do!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

6th Grade

I can't believe I'm going to 6th grade! I'm really glad that I got Mr. Mills. On Friday I had P.E., art, and music. P.E. was with Mr. Mills, art was with Mrs. Earnshaw, and Music was with Mrs. Miller. P.E. was really fun! We played soccer. There was a kid on my team and he doesn't play soccer a lot. In fact, and don't think he ever has. Our team captain assigned him to be the goalie. When a kid kicked the ball to score a goal, our goalie did an awesome move to block it! He used his legs! He didn't kick it. He sort of twisted his legs and caught the ball in the middle. Everyone was cheering! Even some people on the other team! After two games of soccer, we went inside to go to art in Mrs. Earnshaw's room. She handed out pieces of paper and some colored pencils and she explained to us what we were going to do. She said that we were going to draw a tree that has leaves but also put other things on it that we like. I drew a tether ball, a book, an apple, and a doughnut. I think I had another thing on it but I can't remember. After art we went to Mrs. Miller's room and we sang really fun songs! I had Mrs. Miller in fourth grade. But she moved to 6th grade this year. First we sang a song that I don't know how to spell but we were being really silly in it. Then we sang, "An Austrian went Yodeling". That's one of my favorite songs! Then we sang The princess pat which is one of my favorite girl scout songs. Then we sang Boom-chicka-boom. I love that song! And finally we sang, "I'm a little pile of tin". I like that song too! It was a really fun day!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


A few weeks ago my dad bought two parakeets. One is blue and one is green. The green one's name is Carol. Carol doesn't like to be held a whole lot. When I try to hold her she just jumps off right away. One time she even pooped on me! The blue one's name is Angelica. Angelica likes to be held. And she likes it when I feed her seeds. One time I held Angelica out of her cage! Here is a picture of them.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lava Hot Springs

Last Monday I went to Lava Hot Springs with my girl scout troop. Lava Hot Springs is in Idaho and it was the first time my troop went out of state for camp. We went to a campsite on Monday. And then that night it was terrible! I got an hour of sleep that night. The raindrops were huge and it was raining really hard on our tents and the thunder was really big and the lightning was really close! The next day we had eggs and muffins for breakfast and left for Lava Hot Springs at 11:00. When we got there I looked at the slides and platforms and there were three platforms. The third platform is really high and everyone in the pool looked whenever someone was going to jump off the third platform. The worst thing about the trip was that I got a sunburn. Tuesday night was a lot better than Monday night. It didn't storm and I didn't wake up until morning. On Monday I kept taking several little naps during the night. On the last day, which was Wednesday, we had pancakes. We packed up our sleeping bags and packed our clothes and took down our tents. On the way back home the five girls in my car including me played a card game called I doubt it. And then the leader that was driving us home got us pizza, water, and frosties from Wendy's! We were really late to get home. It was a really fun trip!