Friday, December 11, 2009

A note to Movie Monday

I will not always be doing Movie Monday every Monday. I can try, but sometimes I am way too busy. Maybe if I catch up on my assignments I could. I have to admit that I have to get used to doing Movie Monday. Sometimes I forget, and sometimes i cant think of a movie. So you should look every Monday because you don't know if I did Movie Monday or not. I also have to admit that I know that I am supposed to be doing Movie Monday as I play games or watch tv. But I will get used to it someday. I should probably write it down somewhere.


Bea said...

Maybe we should complain by saying, "Where is Movie Monday?"

Lesley said...

I enjoy movie monday but I understand that you are very busy as a student and that must be your priority. I just enjoy it when you post new posta because you write very well and it's interesting to read. I like your new background...I almost chose that one too. I found a new place instead of cutest blog on the block, that is where I got my new background. Are you looking forward to the party? Do you want to come help me set up the church that afternoon?

Mini Embem said...

YES! YES! YES! I LOVE SETTING UP FOR THE CHRISTMAS PARTY! I'LL BE THERE! And maybe Derek will, too. What time would we have to get there?