Sunday, November 22, 2009

Movie Monday: Featuring "Anastasia"

This movie really makes me feel mysterious. If you haven't heard of Anastasia, she was the duchess of Russia. There was a bad man named Rasputin and he wanted to kill the Romanov family. I don't know excactly know why, but he did. Anastasia went missing along with her brother. They never found them, but a girl named Anna Anderson came back in 1922 to Russia claiming to be Anastasia. Here is a picture of her as a kid. Anyway, that was her real story. In the movie it is way different. At the beginning of the movie Anastasia is trying to escape with her grandma because Rasputin is going after them. Her grandma makes it on to the train, but Anastasia hit her head really hard as she tried to get on. Her grandma went to France, but Anastasia (Anya) went to an orphanage. When Anya was about 21 she was sent away from the orphanage. A man named Demitri was holding auditions to pretend to have the real Anastasia so they could get a lot of money. So Anya went there thinking that Demitri was a person that gives out traveling papers. Since she looked excactly like Anastasia, because she was, they took her to France and introduced her to her grandma. They reunited. During the whole movie Anastasia and Demitri had a little relationship like every other movie. Demitri didn't want the money anymore. All he wanted was Anya. So Demitri and Anya went away back to Russia. It actually has a really happy ending. I really liked this movie and think you should see it if you haven't.