Saturday, November 7, 2009

Chelsea's Birthday

It's Chelsea's birthday! She is 15! 3 years ago I was saying, "Chelsea! You're going to drive in 4 years!" but now I have to say, "Chelsea! You're driving next year!" It's amazing how time can go by so fast. Chelsea says that she is scared to drive. But I think she has a little bit of excitment. The sad thing is, I didn't have time to buy her a present. I went to D.I. today but we were only looking at clothes. I even told her that I was going to give her the best gift ever. But now I can't give it to her in time. I wish I could get her something at Deseret Industries. But it is actually her fault that I couldn't. My mom had to go pick her up and take her to lunch! Then when we left my mom said we would go back.We never did go back! I was so dissapointed. I thought of the idea of making a gift before she came back from her dance. But I couldn't think of anything!


Bea said...

I think you gave her a great gift by posting about her. Sisters are the best and I know you have two of the best sisters. I also know you are a great sister. We'll have to learn the song
"Sisters, Sisters" it is a fun one.

Lesley said...

That was a great post about your sister Emily! Sometimes the best gifts that we can give don't cost any money at all. Chelsea is very lucky to have you for her sister.


I would have never thought of it that way.