Monday, October 12, 2009

My posts

I have never realized how small I did my posts when I started my blog! For example, T'ocean I used to be really sad about missing the last day of school for T'ocean. It's not that I don't like T'ocean. I just really love 4th grade. But when grandma showed me some videos of T'ocean, I got over missing the last day of school. T'ocean looked like lots of fun! When I was reading my blog I came across, "T'ocean". First of all, the letters were really big. I think they were this big. But I am too lazy to look. I also thought this was tiny, My Gramma and Grampa My Gramma and Grampa are great! I love them so much! But my dad changed his schedgule and now I don't get to go to their house on Fridays. :o( I don't even know why I put the frowny face at the end. It sort of brings me down looking at it. Here is another one that is really tiny, My brother Derek Here is a video I took of my brother playing the trumpet in a concert. (If you can't find him, he is behind the person with the curly hair in the back.) Minus the video, it is a really small post. I don't think the video should count.

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Lesley said...

This was a nice, long post Emily. You are a good writer.