Monday, September 28, 2009


Today when we had science, we did a lot of experiments. First, my teacher Mrs. Woodward put some water in a cup. She had two other cups that were empty, too. She lined all 3 of the cups up and started switching them around. Afterwards she would ask us which one had the water in it. Then she switched them around one last time and asked which one had the water in it. My friend Megan answered and Mrs. Woodward said, "Come to the front of the class." Megan stood there while Mrs. Woodward asked, "Are you willing to see?" As she held it above her head. Megan said nervously, "Sure." So Mrs. Woodward turned it upside down and nothing came out. Payson guessed and the same thing happened to him, nothing was in the cup. Lastly, Mason answered. Mrs. Woodward actually did it differently to him. She actually threw the cup in his face like water was going to come out, but nothing came out of the cup. "What?" My class said. Mrs. Woodward got a popsicle stick and stuck it in the first cup. It leaned against the side. She took it out and put it in the next cup. It leaned to the side, too. Finally, she stuck it in to the last cup and it stood straight up! Mrs. Woodward asked us what we thought would make it do that. I don't remember all of them. I actually don't remember any of them. But she told us after everyone guessed. I don't remember what she put in the water, but what ever it was, it made the water turn to mushy stuff. The second thing that we did was, she put something in a soda can and started to heat it up. She got a bowl of water and put it on the table. Once the can was done heating up, she got the tongs and carefully took it over to the bowl of water. She dropped it in the water and it exploded. She said that when the extreme heat touches the cold water, it explodes. Well, I think that was the reason. I think it was a guess someone made. The last one was, she lit up a candle and sang, "Happy birthday to you." And then she blew out the candle and threw it in her mouth and ate it! She said that she got a wide straw and put it threw and apple and took it out of the straw. And then she said there is some type of oil in almonds hat makes it able to catch on fire. I can't believe she actually tricked us like that!

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BobN said...

Hi Emily. I saw the disappearing water trick at a Boy Scout meeting. I can't remember the name of the the stuff they used either. Pretty cool though.

(Bob Niedergerke)