Monday, September 21, 2009

Late for Piano

I completely for got about piano. But, here is the story. I had two perfectly good pieces of bread in front of me with the peanut-butter jar lid off the peanut-butter jar with a perfectly good amount of peanut-butter on my knife. BUT, my stomach filled with butterflies when I remembered that I was supposed to go to piano. Hoping in my mind that I wasn't late, I looked at the time. Piano is at 4:00. I looked and it said 3:59! I was so freaked out! Usually I look and it is perfect because, because........ I don't know, I'm magic? Well since..... OH MY GOSH! I just looked at the clock and it said 4:59! That is so weird. You get it right? you know my story is about piano and I looked and it was 3:59 and now I looked and its 4:59. Ok, back to my story.Well since I was late I (sniffle, sniffle) I had to shove the perfect pieces of bread into the bread sack, thingy, and I had to lick... well this part isn't so bad. I had to lick the perfect amount of peanut-butter off the knife and put it in the sink. I didn't even bother to put the peanut-butter away though. So I thought I could just run out of the kitchen and look in the closet for my piano bag. But, NOOOOO! Becca just HAD to have my piano bag for kindergarten! Ugh. So, I grabbed my "to do" bag... (it was for my show, like what to do between scenes) I'm not a geek that has a "to do" bag so that they don't feel lonely with their retared life. Ok, back to the story. I grabbed the bag and I took everything out. Put my piano books and I was heading for the door but Derek stopped me and asked some stupid retarded Super Mario Galaxy question. I answered. And then ran out the door. I started running but then I saw Joel running towards me. Joel is so gross. I started running as fast as I could like I didn't even now he was trying to talk to me. But he started running faster and I started to freak out cause I was late. So I made a different route to piano and he couldn't find me. YES! I started to walk cause I was tired. Oh my gosh! I forgot to write down the letters of the piano notes in one of my books! So I got out my mechanical pencil and did it on the way. I gladly made to piano. (but I was 5 minutes late)

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Bea said...

Way to go Emily!!!! I think you are a GREAT writer. I am glad you put this in your blog. You will always remember then.