Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday, April 11 I went to an easter egg hunt at the Sallstrom's house. It was my last chance to get the golden egg. But, I didn't get it. My friend Taylor got it. She didn't find it though. Her friend Lauren found it. You are supossed to be ten years or younger to do the easter egg hunt and lauren is 11. She found it buried under grass. Lauren was talking to Taylor when all of the sudden Lauren stepped on the golden egg. Jeralyn and I were with them, too. Lauren said, "Taylor look!" So Jeralyn and I looked, too and there it was. The golden egg. Like I said, it was my last chance so I was pretty sad. But, I felt a little better when Taylor gave Jeralyn and I what was in the golden egg. Two chocolate eggs wrapped with golden foil.

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Bea said...

I was planning to email you to see if you got the golden egg :o( but that was nice that your friend shared. :o) I am glad you had fun and it was a beautiful morning with the sun shining. Have a happy easter.