Friday, April 10, 2009

Charlie's Aunt

My dad is in a play called "Charlie's Aunt". There was a lot of mistakes on that night. There were 2 really REALLY funny! First, Babs (dressed as the aunt) sat down in a chair and then it fell down and the top of the chair broke off! Then, one of the girls walked through 2 doors put together. She let go of the doors and it caught the back of her dress and she was stuck! It was hilarious! All of the actors and actresses on stage couldn't stop laughing!


Lilian said...

Yes it was a fun show. Your dad was the best actor on the stage!!

Lesley said...

I liked the show a lot!!

Bea said...

I saw that play, but not on the night these mistakes were made. I like your Dad, I think he is a good actor. :o)