Saturday, August 21, 2010


A few weeks ago my dad bought two parakeets. One is blue and one is green. The green one's name is Carol. Carol doesn't like to be held a whole lot. When I try to hold her she just jumps off right away. One time she even pooped on me! The blue one's name is Angelica. Angelica likes to be held. And she likes it when I feed her seeds. One time I held Angelica out of her cage! Here is a picture of them.


Bea said...

I love parakeets !!!!!!
I finally got to see them the other day, and try to hold them. I succeeded!!!!!!

Stecky said...

They look beautiful I have always been fascinated by Parakeets. Are they the same as 'budgies'? (Ask your dad.) I will have to come visit them someday.

Lilian said...

FUN!!! I used to have parakeets. My first one died not long after I got it. My second one lasted forever. Well, not forever since it's dead now. But a LONG time. Have fun with them