Monday, March 9, 2009

My brother Derek

This is a video I took of my brother Derek playing the trumpet in a concert. (If you can't find him he is behind the person with the curly hair in the back.)


Alan said...

That's some nice camera work Emily. I used to play in the band when I was in Jr. High School I played the french horn. Do you plan on playing an instrument?
-Uncle Alan

Bea said...

This video is really good. Didn't you think the music was great? We did. Granpa was especially impressed because this is one of his favorite pieces of music. You are doing well with your blog.

Margie said...

I am so proud of you blogging!! What a cute blog you have. I am proud of your camera work too. You are lucky to have your own camera. I will have fun reading your blog!!
~Aunt Margie

Jeff said...

Cute blog Emily, fun pictures and videos! I love that you are crafty (I love making crafts and have my whole life) and I love girlscout cookies too!

Jeff said...

That was actually Jeff's wife, Melissa:)