Saturday, March 28, 2009


Last night on the 27 of March, I went ice-skating. I told myself before I got on the ice I would not fall. So I got on and it was hard because I am not used to the ice because I havn't gone in a long time. So I started to walk and then all of the sudden I was slipping and sliding. I got faster and faster but I lost balance a couple of times but I kept my promise and didn't fall. It was mostly hard because I had to take Rebecca around the ice rink and she was the one who was falling and I tried to pick her up so I wouldn't fall.


BobN said...

Ice skating is a lot of fun.

Bea said...

I was able to skate MANY years ago but I wouldn't have the nerve to try now. You are a good sister for helping your little sister. :o)